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Who loves good, classy, quality, dope, stunning shoes? I mean who doesn’t? Everyone loves good shoes. The glass nude chunk heels are a fashion that you don’t wanna miss in your closer at least for 2020 if not future.Good shoes attract attention; rocking great shoes on your feet can boost your confidence. Chunk heels are a new trend of heels that are easy and comfy to walk with even for a whole day, stand for long hours and not easy to trip with.

They are mostly available on Fashion nova, Shoeholic planet, emirates shoes on instagram and modishveecollection on facebook.

Below are some glass nude designs .








Here are the reasons why glass nude chunk heels.

  1. They are ready in various varieties.

Glass nude chunk heels come in variety of style and designs of slipper design and colors from golden straps, silver straps, red and black velvet straps, nude straps and wedged glass.

From slim chunk heels to wide chunk heels. The wide range of variety has included at least the taste of every woman.

  1. Easy to compliment

You can never go wrong with nude heels in your closet.

They can go well with any accessory and outfit you have in your closet not failing to mention make up and every skin complexion.

They can be dressed with denim trousers, Ankara designs or African designs, official outfit, dresses, jumpsuits, play suit, blazer dress, the list is endless.

T hey are then easy to style and can go for any occasion like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties just to name a few.

  1. They are affordable and easily available

These shoes are available in most of the online shops like emirates shoes, shoeholicplanet and not failing to mention Fashionnova (instagram) check their instagram accounts.

Making them available depending on your location. Nude chunk heels are not expensive thus pocket friendly. They range between Ksh s 3000-3500 which is about $30-$35 depending in the shop you will buy from. During such times, you can order and receive it as a parcel at your door step and flaunt them for your indoor photography.

  1. They are stylish and available in different sizes.

Glass nude heels are a stylish design that every celebrity would spend on, check Natalie Tewa on her instagram to see how she rocks them shoes with her denim and vintage blouse.

They are a stylish design making them easy to wear for dates or any event. They come in different sizes such that every woman has her size in the market hub. They run from size 37-42 so every woman can rock her feet with these designs.

  1. They are comfortable

The chunk base heel, makes these shoes comfy in that, it’s easy to balance your heel on a wide surface area, making it easy to walk long distances, stand for long hours, and dance comfortably even on the garden occasions.

Some come with adjustable straps where you can adjust the straps depending on the person wearing while some come in the slipper style where it has no straps or uncovered at the back of the foot.

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glass slipper or glass nude heels

Diet Watch Health Tips Lifestyle Lifestyle Trends

Explained!! 2020 Lifestyle Challenges and Solutions you should Consider trying out.

Our way of life is basically lifestyle. It comprises of what we eat, what we do daily in our lives, what we wear and everything in our daily lives.

Lifestyle diseases have recently risen in the past years. In this article we are focusing on stress, diabetes, obesity and hypertension as lifestyle diseases for 2020 quarantine period.


It results from having psychological worries when you have too much to think about in life. The global pandemic of covid-19 has rendered most of the private sectors and self employed individuals jobless since most companies have closed down forcing its employees pack and go home. Most people were not psychologically prepared and this quarantine season a lot of money is needed for buying household goods for daily consumption to the day that nobody knows till when to sustain their families. Stressful moments may happen during this time. However it is wise not to put so much weight in your mind. Stress results to other diseases like hypertension and ulcers. Try and share what aches your mind with the closest family members.


There are two types of diabetes, diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. The most common type of diabetes is diabetes mellitus which results from lack of insulin that regulates body sugars leading to high sugar levels in the blood.

As a lifestyle disease it comes when too much fat is concentrated on the pancreas, putting too much pressure on it and covering its ducts/islets of langerhans with fat hence unable to secrete insulin.

This quarantine season there is much more of eating than playing and working. Too much fatty foods such as meat, deep fried foods (mandazi,samosas,kaimati etc), and too much sugar is stored as fats in our bodies and thus should be eaten in lower or enough quantities.

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Trending clothes you should check this quarantine period.


This is a lifestyle disease that results from eating too much thus gaining a lot of weight than your BMI (body mass index). The BMI measures if you are too heavy when compared to your weight and height.

Obesity comes from eating too much fatty and oily foods, junky foods and lack of exercise. This quarantine season its best we watch what we eat and choose to eat healthy foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables as well as balanced diet with less starchy foods could be a way to reduce obesity.

This quarantine season if you find some fruits, make sure you eat enough fruits to boost your immune system.


Even though at times hypertension can be inherited, it can be a life style disease. This is a lifestyle disease that could result from stress, and obesity and could lead to heart disease if not well managed.

As a lifestyle disease, hypertension results when too much fat is deposited around the heart and the heart vessels thus making the heart overwork/ use a lot of energy during pumping the blood to the body parts. Frequent exercising can reduce the risk of hypertension.

Here are some tips and ideas to reduce lifestyle diseases during your quarantine. Just pick any of the three to spice up your days.

Downloading the exercising app from play store or apple store.

Most exercising apps have the 30 day challenge and by exercising you keep fit and decrease, the chances of ailing any of the above lifestyle disease.

Mostly I use the 30 day butt and leg workout with the loose belly fat exercising apps. My favorite is the leg and butt workout for both men and women who come in levels of level 1 which is the simplest, level 2, a bit harder and level 3 as the hardest. This is a good way to challenge you while activating the glutes and cardiac muscles.

Others include;

1. Making vegetable smoothie from carrots or vegetables of your choice.

2. Answering puzzles from apps this is a good game to work your brains and keep yourself busy during this period.

3. Skipping ropes. Skipping rope is another way of exercising; it activates your cardiac muscles

4. Playing video games with your son and daughter and beat each other scores.

Fashion Latest Fashion The Outfits Trending Designs


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When it comes to fashion, it’s easier to find trendy outfits but I would recommend us not to just wear an outfit just because it’s fashionable but also because it compliments your body type .

Good thing, this quarantine season you can order online and package delivered to your doorstep.

Here are some tips.
The do’s and don’ts when styling yourself and buying clothes.
• For plus size; avoid clothes with horizontal stripes as they exaggerate the body size.
• Avoid heels that are too high and not comfortable during walking. Always wear shoes that are comfortable for your weight.

* For the tall women, avoid clothes with vertical stripes as it exaggerates your height.
*Avoid heels that are too high for your height. Heels that are too high exaggerate your height.

Trending Fashion this quarantine season Courtesy of @IG  samcyfashiontrends .

  1. Fedora hats.

During chilly and sunny seasons, a fedora hat is an essential. It easily compliments with clothes and shoes and that is why you can never trip with this hat. It can be casually or officially worn by both men and women.Good thing they come in colors of black, beige and maroon.

  1. Play suit

It’s one of my favorites as its styling is easier. They come in black, neon and yellow colors. It can be styled with a blazer or vintage blouse and blazer. A fine leather jacket is also a win­-win for this style.

It can be accessorized with a bling and shinny necklaces to bring out its beauty better. Some flat sandals or heels are a match for this outfit.

  1. Blazer dress

This design of dresses are lately a wardrobe stunner and easy to style. Such dresses paired with a pair of stunning heels, a watch and apiece of ‘diamond’ necklace, someone would kill you for it.

You can also pair this dress with a pair of sneakers. If you check out Femi One’s  song ”D day” video you will see how she just killed it in the video.

  1. Sweater set.

It looks like a jumpsuit only that the material is sweater like. When nicely paired with heels and sneakers, it’s a stunning outfit. You can pair this outfit with a pair of loop earrings and chocker. Good thing they come in different colors.

  1. Sleeved fur coat.

They fit so well for cold season. Previously, were sleeveless. The sleeved fur coat can be a compliment of any outfit in your closet. Starting from pairs of jeans, to heels, dresses, sneakers and you can never go wrong when styling yourself in any of its colors. It comes in grey, maroon, black and white colors.

  1. Kappa two piece set.

Kappa is a brand not to miss in a closet. This set comes in a top and a short. Easy to style with sneakers and go out for vacation or spend sweet bedtime in the house. Good thing, it ranges from red, yellow and black colors.

  1. Pallazo slit pants

A pair of pallazo pants is a closet stunner for holiday and vacation. Its design of the slits just stuns it making it stand out. They are easy to pair with a pair of sandals, heels and a well fitting body suit,crop tops,bralette or off shoulder.

  1. Bodysuits

They come in variety of colors from brown, black, white, neon and red as well as designs of v-neck, round and off shoulder. They can be worn with a pair of pleated skirts,heels, sneakers, an official trouser or jeans.

  1. High low baggy tops and sided high low tops.

These are casual, vacation slay tops easy to style with sneakers or a pair of sandals and heels. They can be complemented with a pair of jeans, biker shorts or just styled by themselves.

  1. Vintage pleated skirts.

They were common in the 19’s and now they are back with a bang! Such a skirt never goes wrong with a bodysuit, off shoulder top, pair of heels or sandals and nice accessories. This skirt is a fashion essential in 2020 you don’t want to miss in your closet.

  1. Camouflage army dress.

Can easily be pair with a pair of sandals, heels sneakers or accessorized with loop earrings or studs.

If you have a beret, it will stun out your style attracting paparazzi for a magazine cover photo of the year.